About us

We are Ana and Luis, a couple who decided to make a change in our professional careers and set up own Spanish immersion school.

We love teaching our Spanish language and customs to everyone who attends our school, and we work very hard to ensure that your stay with us is both educational and enjoyable. In our teaching, we use communicative language techniques that put an emphasis on speaking the language.

In our many trips around the world, we have learned that the most exciting way to visit a place is to get to know its people, customs and culture. For this reason we have designed immersion programs in which students enjoy in-depth communication, in Spanish, with local residents who accompany us during all the many out-of-classroom activities we include in our programs. This gives you a chance to learn, and practice Spanish in a real-world setting while participating in the real life and customs of a real Spanish town. Moreover, you have the opportunity to taste the delicious foods of our region, as we eat in different area restaurants.

Our school is located in the beautiful, medieval town of Valderrobres, in the Aragón region of northeast of Spain.

We offer classes in a stunning, historic building located in the Plaza de España, in the town centre of Valderrobres.

Luis Minguillón 

Luis Minguillón was born in Zaragoza (Aragón- Spain) and graduated from its University. He later earned the ELE (Teaching Spanish as a foreign language) Certificate from Barcelona University, and has long experience teaching Spanish.

Luis loves to get in touch with people and their customs through their languages. As he puts it, "Travelling getting to know people from different cultures, and keeping in touch with them is priceless".

Luis really enjoys helping people communicate in Spanish. He especially enjoys helping immigrants learn the Spanish language and learn to understand our culture. "If you love your work and have fun doing it, " Luis says, "you´re sure to do it well".

Ana Sastre 

Ana Sastre was born in Teruel (Aragón - Spain). After graduating from Zaragoza University, she studied education at Camilo José Cela University in Madrid.

She is passionate about human relationships and cultural diversity. She says that, "Keeping in touch with friends from all over the world and sharing our cultural wealth, gives energy to my life".

Ana´s extensive working experience in business and finance, helps ensure that our business- related programs offer an accurate and comprehensive guide to the realities of Spanish business.

Ana is also in charge of organizing and planning all out-of-classroom activities, customizing each program according to each student´s preferences.